Welcome to Emps-Remake! Welcome to Emps-Scape!
  • Emps-Scape is open!

    Dear players, we're pleased to announce that the emps-remake beta has begun! Please join us in game and have some fun!
  • Emps-Scape beta starting soon!

    Dear players, we're pleased to announce that the Emps-Scape beta stage will start this coming Friday February 2nd. All are welcome! Please join the Discord or register on the forum to stay up to date!
  • What is Emps-Remake?

    So you may be wondering what exactly you can expect from this server. Lets just get this out of the way. What you should not expect is an exact copy of Emps-Scape/Emps-World. What you should expect is an experience similar to that of old Emps-Scape. Emps-Remake however does have a lot of features old Emps-Scape did not have. For example, we have working Hunter, Farming, Wilderness bosses, Corp, Cerberus, and much more! So although you will find a lot of similarities to Emps-Scape, not everything is the same. In fact it may be more accurate to describe this server as a Emps-Remaster, rather than a Emps-Remake. If you have any questions or suggestion on how we can improve the server please contact someone from the staff team!
  • Discord server and forums are online!

    Please join our Discord server and register on the forums to stay up to date with latest server news!
  • Welcome to Emps-Remake

    Welcome to Emps-Remake! We're a brand new server aiming to offer the best experience to you, our players. With your help we'll be able to grow Emps-Remake into something more unique. Head over to the forums and introduce yourself or hop right into the game. Regards, Emps-Remake Team